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lv-44Economic volatility has changed the real estate market. Home values in Las Vegas are on their way up. The real estate bust took place years ago now, and home prices are still very reasonable in most neighborhoods. There are plenty of houses for sale in Las Vegas listed on the market.

Whether it’s a home, condominium or luxury estate, finding a buyer the right property is the life’s blood of real estate. The Las Vegas real estate market is currently in the process of making a transition from a buyers market to a sellers market, which makes it a great time for purchasers to get a deal from motivated sellers.

The key to buying now, however, is finding not only the right deal, but also negotiating a fair and reasonable price. That takes experience. Mike Colpitts has 20 years of experience in the real estate business. Many properties are over-priced. Don’t get caught with one of those. Property owners who really want to sell their property are asking reasonable prices, which is where we come in to do the heavy lifting.

The Las Vegas real estate market boomed for years and is now under going an adjustment period, which was long expected. Mike Colpitts goes to work for you as your real estate agent on the buyers’ behalf to get the best possible deal. If you’re considering the sale of a home you are still in luck. Mike has listed and sold almost as many homes as he’s sold working with buyers so much so that he’s developed the 10 best steps to buy Las Vegas real estate.

10 Best Steps to Buy Las Vegas Real Estate

1- Locating and Previewing Property

2- Buyer and Seller Pre-qualification

3- Showing Property

4- Providing Statistical Data

5- Preparing and Analyzing a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)

6- Writing Offers

7- Negotiating Offers

8- Counseling — Presenting the Whole Story

9- Assisting with Financing

10- Title and Ownership Research

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