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Selling Las Vegas Homes for Top Dollar

Selling Las Vegas Homes for Top Dollar

rr-1Providing an aggressive marketing plan is vital to obtaining the highest price possible for home owners to sell their property in the current economy. The days of taking a listing, putting a sign up in the front yard and filling out the forms to put the listing into the Greater Las Vegas Multiple Listing Service are long gone. It takes a lot more work and effort selling Las Vegas homes to get top dollar.

After all, home buyers have all the access they need to determine a reasonable price for any home from the comfort of their own homes these days. The days of wondering and guessing what a property is currently worth can be at least roughly determined with a few clicks on a computer keyboard. That’s why pricing a home within a reasonable range for the market so that it is presented to the widest range of home buyers is crucial.

Selling homes at the highest price possible is only, however, part of what Mike Colpitts offers clients with a full service real estate practice. Over the past 20 years, Mike has worked to perfect the home selling process he uses to market homes, but still constantly modifies his marketing plan to changing market conditions. Providing home owners with a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is only the start of the process. A full analysis provides only a starting point.

Mike suggests two prices for your home, one to sell at quickly or within 45 days under current market conditions, and a second price, which is likely to take 90 to 180 days to get your home sold. The two prices are provided as guide posts to set the price on your home to market it and get it sold. Providing suggestions to make your home as salable as possible, including getting rid of some of the clutter at times, is also part of his process so that home owners are assured of the greatest likelihood of success.

Preparing a listing contract, which offers co-agents or other agents who will show your home an equal share of the commission paid is also vital to the process. Placing a sign, lock box on the door and taking pictures to market the property are also part of the full service home owners receive.

Clarifying all legal information and answering clients questions and concerns are all standard parts of the process. Afterlvh-45 all, there are all sorts of legal issues to resolve when it comes to real estate in this day and age. Preparing flyers and advertising your home on a wide range of websites to get your home sold are all standard practices to market homes that Mike Colpitts sells.

After the listing is placed into MLS you’ll also get a copy of the listing immediately so that you can review it to make sure everything in the listing is correct and to your liking with accurate up to date information. If changes need to be made that’s when we will make them.

We’ll do everything we can to pre-qualify buyers who see your home, and address any questions before they even see your home, if possible. When it comes to presenting and negotiating offers, we’ll present them to you directly and work with other agents and brokers to make the sale as easy and efficient as possible for you from coordinating meetings with home inspectors, termite inspectors to appraisers and insurance company representatives.

When Mike Colpitts markets your home or other real estate for sale it’s a full service process that few others have the years of hard working experience to offer. When you’re considering an agent to sell your Las Vegas home feel free to give us a call to talk.


Mike Colpitts

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